Sprouting Beans and Seeds

Sprouting Beans and Seeds

You can sprout any grains, nuts, legumes and seeds so long as they are raw. However, if they have been heated to increase their shelf life they won’t sprout because they are essentially dead, so it’s important to check that the product you buy is sproutable. I buy a sprouting mix from buywholefoodsonline.co.uk:

The easiest way to sprout is to buy a sprouting jar, though it is possible to use a colander.

To start your sprouting adventure, wash then soak your beans / seeds in filtered water in a glass or ceramic container. They will grow as they hydrate so fill the container no more than 1/3 full with beans / seeds, and make sure there’s plenty of soaking water. You want to soak for 8-12hrs.

The next step is to drain the water, give a quick wash, and allow the damp beans / seeds to sit at room temperature in order to germinate. If you have a sprouting jar, drain the water through the lid, wash, drain again then turn the jar upside down.

If you are using a colander wash the beans / seeds in the colander, then cover the colander with a cloth and leave. Whilst the beans / seeds are germinating you will need to wash them twice daily, i.e. morning and evening. After a few days they will start to grow tails. When the tails are a few mm long the sprouts are ready.

You have a bit of leeway here: if you’re not ready for them they will be fine sprouting for another day or so. Once you’re ready for them they can be stored in the fridge for a few days, or the freezer. Fresh sprouts can be eaten raw, or cooked. Frozen sprouts will need to be cooked.

Sprouts are really versatile: you can use them as you would non sprouted legumes.

Free from: gluten, nut, soya, wheat

This is a vegan recipe


Sprouting Beans and Seeds
  • sproutable beans / seeds
  1. Wash your sproutable beans / seeds.

  2. Soak in filtered water for 8-12hrs.

  3. Wash again then leave to germinate in an upside down sprouting jar or covered colander.

  4. Wash morning and evening. Sprouts should be ready in about 3 days (depending on the variety of beans / seeds used).

  5. Store in the fridge for a few days, or the freezer. Can be eaten raw or cooked.

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