Seeded Whole Wheat Bread

Seeded Whole Wheat Bread

Having a bread machine makes baking bread so easy. I have a Russell Hobbs bread maker and it is truely the workhorse of my kitchen. I make a small loaf every other day, and whilst I vary the types of flours and seeds I use, my loaves are always wholegrain. This recipe is for my bread machine seeded whole wheat bread.

Seeded whole wheat bread ingredients

This is my purist loaf, containing just whole wheat flour, chia, hemp, yeast and a little salt. Usually I use vital wheat gluten to improve the rise, but in this recipe I leave it out. Actually the flavour is better without the vital wheat gluten. The loaf is slightly more dense, but it’s still got a lovely crumbly texture.

My seeded whole wheat bread recipe uses whole wheat bread flour. I have found that the best flour to use is ‘Waitrose’ ‘Canadian wholemeal bread flour’. It’s got good flavour and gives a better rise than any other flour I have used.

The recipe also calls for a tablespoon of milled chia and a couple of tablespoonfuls of shelled hemp seeds. You can replace the chia with milled linseed if you wanted. The hemp can be replaced with sunflower or pumpkin seeds.

Storing your bread

Once you have made your bread, allow it to cool completely. To store, wrap in plastic: a plastic carrier bag works perfectly well, though the best bags to use are the ones that breakfast cereal comes in (that’s a tip from my mum). Store in a cool dry place, or in the fridge.

In the picture I serve seeded whole wheat bread, toasted, with swede and spinach soup.

Free from: nut, soya

This is a vegan recipe

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Seeded Whole Wheat Bread
  • 20 g milled chia
  • 280 g whole wheat bread flour
  • 2 tbsp shedded hemp (or other seeds)
  • 225 mL water
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp bread machine yeast
Weigh out the dry ingredients:
  1. Weigh out the flour and seeds.

Add ingredients to the bread machine:
  1. Add the water to your bread machine pan, then add the salt. 

    Next tip in the dry ingredients. Spread the dry ingredients out so that they cover the water. 

    Add the yeast on top of the dry ingredients.

Set up the machine:
  1. Use a 500g wholemeal loaf programme. I select a light coloured crust. Using my Russell Hobbs machine this translates to a small wholemeal loaf, light crust. 

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