Oil Free Sauté Vegetables

Oil Free Sauté Vegetables

You really don’t need oil to sauté vegetables: I use diluted soy sauce instead. Oil free sauté vegetables are a tasty way to up the veg quota of any meal.

I try to mainly eat whole foods, which means that I don’t use much oil in my cooking. Oil is not a whole food: it no longer contains the fibre and water soluble parts of the seeds, nuts or fruit from which it was extracted. It is almost 100% fat and so it is calorie dense and nutrient poor.

When you sauté vegetables without oil it’s best to use a non stick pan. To stop the vegetables from catching you need a little liquid. Here I use diluted soy sauce but you can use plain old water or a splash of vegetable stock instead. If using soy sauce or stock you probably won’t need to add salt, but you may need to season if you sauté in water.

You can sauté anything!

You can sauté pretty much any variety of vegetable. Here are some ideas…


To mix it up you can add other stuff along with the veggies…

  • To add extra flavour, include some ground spices such as paprika, cumin, coriander and garlic granules. Don’t use whole cumin, coriander or other spice seeds: you really need oil to extract the flavour from whole seeds
  • Add raw sprouted beans at the same time as the veggies (for instructions on how to sprout at home, see here)
  • When the veg is cooked you can add a drained tin of beans or chickpeas, or some chopped firm tofu (my favourite tofu is the ‘Naked’ tofu made by ‘The Tofoo Company’. This is a good way to add extra protein
  • Once the veg is cooked you can stir through cooked, chopped chestnuts. They work very well with Brussels sprouts
  • To turn your sauté veggies into a quick sauce add some rustic passata, tinned tomatoes or ready made salsa

Free from: nut

Gluten, wheat free: use tamari instead of soy sauce. Alternatively use water or suitable stock

Soya free: use water or suitable stock instead of soy sauce

Yeast free: use liquid aminos instead of soy sauce. Alternatively use water or suitable stock

This is a vegan recipe

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Oil Free Sauté Vegetables
Servings: 1
  • 1 tsp soy sauce
  • 3 or 4 good handfuls sliced vegetables: mushrooms, kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli etc
  1. To a non stick pan add the soy sauce and a splash of water. Turn the heat to medium and add the vegetables.

  2. Cook, stirring frequently, until the veg is cooked. If the pan starts to dry out at any time then add a splash more water.

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