Homemade Cashew Milk

Homemade Cashew Milk

If you want to make your own plant milk, cashew is a good place to start because it doesn’t really need straining. Simply soak cashews for a few hours, drain, then liquidise with fresh water. When liquidising, add water a bit at a time so that you can get the consistency that is right for you. I find that about 50g dry cashews plus 400mL water makes a decent cashew milk. For a cream consistency try 50g cashews plus 100mL water.

Free from: gluten, soya, wheat, yeast

This is a vegan recipe

Homemade Cashew Milk
  • 50 g raw cashew nuts
  • 400 mL water
  1. Soak your cashews in water for at least a couple of hours. I have left mine soaking for up to 48hrs. 

  2. Drain cashews.

  3. Add nuts to a liquidiser or high speed blender with 100mL water. Blitz. Add another 100mL water and blitz again. Repeat until all the water has been added. 

  4. Store in the fridge for a couple of days.

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