Boiled Sorghum

Boiled Sorghum

Sorghum is an ancient whole grain used traditionally in Africa and Asia. Unlike many grains, sorghum has an edible hull, which means that it retains a lot of its nutrients when cooked. This also means it takes rather a lot of cooking and so I tend to boil a massive batch and freeze down portions. The flavour is slightly nutty, not dissimilar to the taste of lentils, and it is chewy, but not in a rubbery way.

Free from: gluten, nut, soya, wheat, yeast

This is a vegan recipe

Boiled Sorghum
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  1. Boil the sorghum in plenty of water until soft enough to chew. This takes about 45 minutes. Drain then serve. Portion up leftovers in sealed containers and freeze.

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