My Thoughts On Tofu

My Thoughts On Tofu

I’m not a fan of fried or baked tofu because, even if it starts out crispy, it inevitably ends up chewy. So when I use firm tofu I tend to add it cold to the finished dish, or just warm it through slightly.

I used to think that plain, un-marinaded tofu was a bit tasteless but more recently I’ve started to enjoy its mild creamy taste. I like the plain tofu made by the company ‘Tofoo’ because it doesn’t require pressing to remove excess water, and so you can use it straight from the box.

I can never be bothered to marinade tofu so I often buy flavoured firm tofu that doesnt contain any oil or horrid additives. My favourites are ‘Taifun’ ‘Feto’ (which is fermented and is salty-tangy), and ‘Tofoo’ smoked tofu. Both of these are quite salty so go easy on the salt in the rest of the dish. It’s quite nice having little nuggets of saltiness amidst a fresh-tasting sauce, salad or stir fry.

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