My Favourite Milk

My Favourite Milk

My criteria for a great milk: first of all I don’t want it to be packed with thickeners, emulsifiers…etc; and secondly I want a milk that I can use for most things so I don’t have loads of cartons in the fridge. The milk that fits the bill: cashew milk.

Look for an unsweetened cashew milk that contains just cashews and water (plus a pinch of salt). Plenish and Rude Health both make great cashew milk, or you can make it yourself by soaking cashews for a few hours then liquidising in water. If making it yourself you’ll want to experiment with the nut : water ratio. I find about 100g nuts per 1L is good. However I’ve never managed to make cashew milk at home that stands up to the velvety texture of commercial milks. Because cashew nuts are so soft you don’t need to strain the milk, which makes it a wholefood (no goodness taken away). Indeed both Plenish and Rude Health inform me that their milks contain the whole nut.

Cashew milk is creamy and thickens when heated, which makes for really delish porridge and creamy white sauces. It is neutral tasting too and so doesn’t overpower other ingredients in whatever dish you are using it in, making it a good all rounder if you don’t want a line up of cartons in the fridge door.

As for hot drinks, it usually works in tea (though I have had it split in a really strong brew), but usually curdles in coffee… though that’s not unusual for a milk that doesn’t contain acidity regulator. The flavour in tea may take a bit of getting used to because it is quite heavy, but it’s neutral taste means that the tea still tastes like tea. I personally prefer soya milk in hot drinks but cashew does the job.

Bottom line: cashew milk is gorgeous and it’s the main milk I buy, despite the cost.