Irritating Milk Cartons

Irritating Milk Cartons

Problems with plant milk cartons…

Problem #1:

There seems to be two types of pouring lip: the fatter shorter kind (Rude Health use these); and the skinnier longer type (Plenish use them). The fat kind are OK but the skinnier kind pour really badly in my experience. The milk blobs out and splashes everywhere. However if you have the skinny kind you can combat blobby splashers by pulling up the top flaps on the carton, then pulling the top of the carton up so that it’s got a little roof. When you pour, you’re pouring from more of an angle, more air is able to circulate and the milk will come out much more smoothly.

Problem #2:

It’s difficult to get the last bit of milk out because generally the pouring lip is in the middle at the front. To combat this issue you just need to snip one of the top corners. However before you do this, pull out the bottom flaps, add a little water and shake up the carton. This means you dissolve any ‘thick milk’ (for want of a better name for it) that has got trapped in the bottom of the carton. By doing this I probably get 100mL or so of extra milk from the carton.

Once you’ve done that, snip the top corner and pour away!



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