Easy Vegan Meal Plan

Easy Vegan Meal Plan

Having an easy vegan meal plan means that I don’t have to engage my brain when it comes to cooking dinners!

We tend to eat the same meals, week in, week out. There are not limitless meals that we all enjoy, and anyway, making different dinners involves brain power! I am not a slave to the meal plan, but it is nice to have a ‘go to’ dinner. A meal plan helps with shopping too.

To stop the weekly meals from getting boring, use different vegetables in your soups, stews, stir fries and salads. Serve your stew with bread one week, and sorghum the next. Sprinkle hemp seeds on your spag bol this week, but use walnuts next time…. that kind of thing.

This is my current easy vegan meal plan for the week:


Soup or stew

I serve soups with bread, toast or sandwiches. Stews go well with bread, cooked grains or potatoes. If you’re in a rush at the end of the day then use a soup kettle, pressure cooker or set a slow cooker off in the morning.

Vegan Roast Vegetable Pasta


Roast veggie pasta or quick tomato & veg pasta

I make roast veggie pasta if I have time, and quick tomato & veg pasta if I don’t!

Sweet potato and oil free hummus


Baked sweet potato with hummus and salad

As an alternative we sometimes have normal baked potato, or I might serve the baked sweet tatties with stew instead of hummus.

Vegan lentil bolognese


Vegan spag bol

I tend to serve spag bol with salad or steamed veggies.



Sometimes I serve the chilli with cooked grains, such as sorghum, quinoa, mixed grains, whole wheat cous cous, or freekeh. Other times I go with a jacket potato. If I have leftover bolognese from Thursday spag bol night, then I add it to the chilli.

Oil free stir fry with boiled grain mix


Stir fry

I stir fry whatever veg we have, and serve it with whole grain noodles, or cooked grains.


Whatever we fancy!

I don’t set a meal for Sunday. If we are having a quiet day then I might spend a good amount of time in the kitchen. If we are busy I chuck something together quickly.

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