Bread Machine Bread

Bread Machine Bread

My bread machine is the workhorse of my kitchen. I make bread every other day, and it’s always wholegrain. I use various flour and seed ingredients but the basics are very similar for all my loaves.

I tend to make a small loaf which equates to 300g flour and 200-230mL water. The water content depends on the flours used. When I make a new bread recipe I play around with the amount of water to get the best rise. Most of my loaves are better using around 230mL water, but when there’s a lot of dark rye flour in the loaf, you get a better rise using slightly less.

The majority of the flour in my loaves is very strong wholemeal bread flour, and I have found that the Waitrose Canadian flour is the best: it really does make a difference, believe me! Most loaves have at least 150g of this flour.

For the best rise I use 50g vital wheat gluten as part of the 300g flour in my loaves. It’s not strictly necessary but it does make for a lighter loaf and also adds plant protein. If you omit this ingredient then replace with wholemeal bread flour.

I include other whole grains and seeds in my bread to add nutritional variety, texture and flavour. Dark, or wholegrain, rye is often in there, and porridge oats are also good. Both of those make up part of the 300g flour. Milled chia can be used in place of some of the flour too: I tend to use around 20g. Buckwheat groats add texture to a loaf: they don’t contribute to the flour weight as they don’t absorb that much water and I tend to use around 30g worth. Other seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower or shelled hemp are not included in the 300g flour either: I usually use around 2 tablespoonsful of non-chia seeds.

When I make bread I weigh out the flours and seeds and mix them all together. I add the water to the bread pan with a pinch of salt, pour over the flour mix, then top with a teaspoon of bread machine yeast. Using my Russell Hobbs bread machine I use the 500g (small) wholemeal programme. For a medium sized loaf I use 400g flour plus about 300mL water.

I love my homemade bread!

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