Hello, I’m Vikki, and this is my blog about eating really tasty plants!

I became vegetarian as a child and whilst a lot of my years have been veggie or vegan ones, I started eating meat during pregnancy. As an omnivore I ate healthily and centred meals around wholegrains and vegetables, but then I become increasingly more aware of the research that suggests that eating a primarily whole food plant based diet is best for health (and it’s good for animals and the planet too). Food isn’t going to cure all of your ills but I still think that it is one of the cornerstones of good health. So I am now a herbivore!

Now this herbivorous tale is a relatively new one. Although I’ve been vegan before, this time round I am far more conscious of eating to be as healthy as possible. Plus I have children to feed! I’m learning new techniques and recipes all the time and wanted to share them with others.

In truth I am a lazy cook and so all my recipes are easy to make, and most of them can be thrown together in double fast time. The ingredients are all vegan (and so no dairy, eggs, meat, fish or honey), plus you can filter for recipes that are free from gluten, nut, soya, wheat and yeast.

These are the meals I make for myself and my family. I hope you enjoy them.